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Undercover Investigations Expose Wildlife Killing Contests In The US

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Undercover Investigations exposes the illegal wildlife killing competitions in the US. The investigation team comprised of two dedicated individuals, Steve Andrus and his wife, Beth. They started their investigations in 2021 with a goal to expose what they considered to be unnecessary and unsportsmanlike competition among hunters in the United States. The couple had heard of some of the awards that hunters have been getting for winning various competitions over the years.

To make a long story short, the couple uncovered a world class system of inhumane competitions being run by out-of-state game wardens from Texas. They also learned that there were big money prizes and even high profile celebrities supporting these wagering activities. Their investigations also exposed how out of control and unlicensed hunting lodges were getting out of control. This allowed rampant poaching to take place. One of the highlights for the investigators was the revelation that one out of every three licenses to hunt black bear in the US is given out on horseback.

Steve and Beth and their research team made it their goal to expose the behind-the-scenes corruption in American hunting. At first, they exposed awards that were being given out in hsus to “trophies” that were nothing more than virtual rewards handed out for showing up. Then they started investigating why trophy deer hunting ranches were offering very large cash awards to hunters who brought in record numbers of deer. Lastly, the investigators exposed how these companies were getting huge tax benefits from killing these very large animals.

One of the biggest surprises for the team came from the fact that out-of-state game wardens would be offering trophies to trophy elk and mule deer hunters from Canada. The investigators found that trophy hunting was being offered at $500 per head! What’s even more shocking is that the Game and Fish commission was allowing out-of-state license holders to buy into these selling programs. Not only does this illustrate the massive corruption within wildlife management departments, but it also exposes the utter lack of integrity in large game management corporations nationwide.

If you’ve been thinking about going into the field of wildlife management, you owe it to yourself to research this expose. Not only will you learn about some wild animals you might not have considered before, but you’ll discover how much money is made by large game management corporations every year. There’s no need for you to hand over your hard-earned money to someone who has little or no experience in helping you save the animals you love. You can learn everything you need to know by watching the Undercover Investigations exposes. It could mean the difference between saving thousands of birds and losing them forever.

The reason why these investigations expose wildlife killing contests in the US is that they are a complete sham. No real conservation group would ever allow hunters to bag the same animals over again without taking the creature’s home as proof of their success. The same applies when hunting is closed in a specific area. How can you tell if a game reserve’s closure was caused by out-of-state license holders trying to take advantage of the public hunting opportunity? You can’t! There simply is no way for you to be sure without conducting your own investigation on your own.

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